Beef Up Your Email Signature

Beef Up Your Email Signature

Check your email signature and online presence.

You’re on the hunt for your dream job, you’re making progress, and you’re doing most of it on the Internet…

…But are you taking advantage of your e-mail signature?

If you’re looking for a new job, chances are you’re sending lots of emails – to prospective employers, recruiters, contacts, and acquaintances – and every email you send is a golden opportunity to get yourself noticed.

In addition to providing basic information like your full name, title, and contact information, your email signature is the perfect place to distinguish yourself among the pack of jobseekers and promote your unique attributes.

-          Do you have a slogan or tagline that expresses your value to an employer? Make one up.

-          Do you have a professional website or online resume and portfolio?  Be sure to include the link.

Here is a good example of what your email signature might look like:

John Q. Public
Senior Marketing Manager
“Linking Real Results with Cost-Cutting Marketing Strategies for Upstart Companies”

The goal here is to make it ridiculously easy for people to learn about you. Often, making this simple change to how you conduct your online job search will boost the # of responses you receive, so don’t be shy…

Use your email signature to sell yourself and you’ll be happy you did!

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