Careers Open to You With an Online IT Degree

There is no doubt that since Steve Jobs made the proclamation in the late 1970s that every home would have a personal computer, our lives all changed. Along with the computer came the internet and the World Wide Web and our universe was turned upside down, but in a good way. At one time it was thought of as a little taboo if you met and dated someone online, and now it is not only normal and acceptable, it is extremely common.

The same has been the case for getting online degrees. Initially they weren’t thought of too highly, but now an MSN Careerbuilder article reveals that “83 percent of executives . . . say that an online degree is as credible as one earned through a traditional campus-based program.”

Learning Through an Online Environment

In an academic research paper presented through the British Columbia Institute of Technology online learning doesn’t differ so much in the content of the courses provided, but rather in the context in which it is presented and communicated. A few examples it lists are:

·         Read course module notes; e-mail messages and postings to discussion areas.

·         Participate in discussions: read, respond and post to chat rooms/discussion boards.

·         Collaborate with other students through e-mail, instant messaging, chat rooms, and whiteboards.

·         Submit assignments through e-mail via attachments.

·         Complete online self-tests.

Degrees Online Education May Enhance

Although most any degree is fine to get online, there are some that can almost be beneficial to get through an internet based program. A couple of those degrees include an online IT degree and an IT networking degree. Simply by using the educational interface and online tools you will be working with software and hardware that will be part of your profession. And IT degrees are booming right now.

What You Will Learn Getting an IT Degree

US News and World Report Education Online mentions some of the things you will learn when you earn a degree in Computer Information Technology. They include:

·         Computer programming.

·         Design and development.

·         Sharing technology expertise.

·         Learn about software and hardware.

·         Courses in computing, math, science, and general education.

·         Operating systems.

·         Engineering.

·         Artificial intelligence.

·         Computer information and security.

Types of Jobs in the IT Field

Computers are everywhere and in everything, which means there are numerable jobs and types of jobs available for individuals who graduate with a degree in Information Technology. Career Opportunities online site lists a number of different career paths you can take with just an IT degree. Some of those options include:

·         Database administrator-configure and manage database systems.

·         Database analyst-database architecture.

·         Hardware engineer- design computer and communication hardware.

·         Help desk technician-support end-user software applications.

·         Information systems manager- responsible for day-to-day management of information systems.

·         Internet working engineer- Internet engineer.

·         Multimedia developer- developing media content for the web, computer based training programs, and software demos.

·         Network administrator- manages Local Area Network.

·         Network engineer- planning and designing Local Area Network.

·         Network security analyst- managing computer and network security.

·         Programmer/analyst- write software applications.

·         Software engineer- designing and programing large scale computer systems.

·         System administrator- manages computer operating systems.

·         Technical writers-author software and hardware documentation.

·         Web programmers- design and develop for scripts and the World Wide Web.

·         Web masters- administrators and implementers of the World Wide Web.

Getting a degree in IT can be a huge asset in today’s job market. And with technology ever expanding the likelihood is the field will only continue to grow.

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