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Using Online Courses To Complete A Degree Program

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Using Online Courses To Complete A Degree ProgramUsing Online Courses To Complete A Degree Program

There are several instances in the educational career of students that they may need to take classes in a non-traditional manner in order to get their degree.

People lose their jobs, they move, children are born and work responsibilities get in the way of classes. (more…)

5 Networking Tips For Law Students

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

5 Networking Tips For Law Students5 Networking Tips For Law Students

Good communication skills are very important for lawyers. In almost any job in any legal field you’ll often have to communicate with clients, colleagues and other professionals. Networking is crucial for any law student if you want to jumpstart your career once you graduate. The earlier you start developing relationships with your peers, professors and legal professionals the better prepared you will be for finding a job in the legal field you are interested in, or for starting your own law firm later on in your career (or even right after you graduate if you are really motivated).

Read on to learn a few useful tips for improving your networking skills. (more…)

Business Analysis Certification As A Path To A Practical Career

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Business Analysis Certification As A Path To A Practical CareerIf you are looking to advance your career in business, you may want to consider business analysis training. There are many institutions who believe in providing only the best business analysis certification and related training. This is in order to ensure the full benefits and credentials.

In addition, you will also be able to recognize professional and highly competent employees and management, along with hiring only the best business analysts. (more…)

Top Job Industries For Foreigners In Brazil

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Top Job Industries For Foreigners In BrazilBrazil is recognized for their growing economy and hungry consumer market. As more and more Brazilians move out of the lower class, their consumption fueled a new era for Brazil. This is indicative of the fact that everyone from Americans to Europeans from Portugal and Spain are traveling to the big cities in Brazil to find a competitive salary and vibrant community. In fact, in 2011, the number of foreign workers in Brazil jumped to over 1.5 million, an incredible 57% increase.

Among all of the industries, the industrial sector and white collar sector are seeing the largest increases in job growth. (more…)

The Evolution of Medical Transcription

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

The Evolution of Medical Transcription

From simple handwritten notes to using speech-recognition technology, medical transcription has come a long way. The process of converting a physician’s voice recordings into text format, medical transcription originated with a need to maintain accurate, detailed and permanent patient records. It is an important feature of health information management. The records typed by medical transcriptionists range from patient discharge reports to specialist referral letters and patient progress information. The job of a medical transcriptionist not only involves precisely typing medical records, but also having knowledge of various medical terms and health industry jargon.

Medical transcription is a popular job option in America and featured among the best work-at-home jobs in a 2011 Forbes report. And why not! It is a convenient job that is much preferred by medical professionals, housewives, students and other part-timers for over fifty years now. The flexibility of this profession makes it a popular choice- medical transcription can be both an office and a work-at-home job option. In the past, a medical transcriptionist had the task of typing out records into text format by listening to the audio records of a physician. But, the advancement in technology now enables physicians to use voice-recognition technology, leaving a medical transcriptionist to take on the role of an editor-mostly checking sentence structures and the format of reports.

This infographic traces the progress of technology used in medical transcription from before the 1950s till today. It’s interesting to note that technology and transcription are entwined and each decade has heralded many changes in the way records are transcribed. Since the job of a medical transcriptionist involves in-depth knowledge of medical terms, anatomy and pharmacology, grammar as well as speed and accuracy in typing records, training is a must. Signing up for a medical transcription training course from well-established online institutes like CareerStep will help you in your search for the job of a medical transcriptionist or medical transcription editor on websites like FlexJobs. Make sure the training course you sign up for is an Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI)-approved program.


Free Online Writing Courses: Opportunities To Improve Your Skills

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Free Online Writing Courses: Opportunities To Improve Your SkillsThere are writing courses you can grab without the need to spend cash. With the rising number of people wanting to become a part of the writing industry, it’s no longer a surprise that many schools and organizations offer free online writing courses. Like any other coursework, these programs will teach you the right rules and techniques in order to produce the best possible writing results.

In this post, we’ve listed the top ten free online writing courses for aspiring writers and for current writers who want to improve their skills: (more…)

Perfecting Your Resume For The Modern World

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Perfecting Your Resume For The Modern WorldWhile there are plenty of books, tools and resources that can be found that provide advice on resumes, many do not reflect the current attitudes of human resource professionals. With the rise of the Internet, and the ability of employers to review thousands of resumes for a single job opening, it is critical that your resume is in line with what recruiters are looking for.

We’ve listed some common mistakes and debunked a few myths while providing advice to make sure that your resume is of the highest potential quality and is up to today’s standards. (more…)

Why Networking Is So Important For Lawyers – And How To Do It

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Why Networking Is So Important For Lawyers - And How To Do ItWhy Networking Is So Important for Lawyersand How to Do It

Remember your first day in elementary school, and all the new things – taking a school bus, meeting new kids from other neighborhoods, to say nothing of lots of new rules? As a lawyer, it’s been 20 years or more since your first school days, but those beginnings can still teach you plenty about adapting to unfamiliar settings and new challenges – like attracting clients to build your law practice.

That all-important grade-school concept of “getting along, is now known as “networking.” Let’s be clear at the start: your primary goal in networking won’t usually be signing up new business for your law firm on the spot. Instead, it’s more like the advantages you may remember if your grade-school classmates decided you were worth their time getting to know. Once you passed that test, you were on your way to turning new acquaintances into friends.

Something similar happens in practicing law: a new client may get referred to your criminal law practice by a law school friend whose firm only handles civil cases, because you’re seen as reliable and knowledgeable. (It also shows law school is another place networking can pay dividends down the line.) Similarly, new business can result when a social contact from a church or charity asks you about a legal problem a friend or relative is having.

While your firm will doubtless employ other marketing efforts, word of mouth is a powerful tool. (more…)

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