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Tips To Know Before Contracting Your New Job

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Tips To Know Before Contracting Your New JobJobs are tough and hard to come by so everyone signing a contract often fails to look through all the paperwork before they choose to sign the papers. It’s only after they’re working on something when little loopholes and frayed strings become more visible.

While it is a sad fact, many businesses are just out to make a buck and they’re not too interested in giving their clients incentives. Permanent employees still enjoy more benefits than a contractor but either way negotiating the job contract is more or less a delicate art.

Here are some job contracting tips that can help someone look for the loopholes and negotiate their way into a better deal: (more…)

7 Ways To Make Money Doing Things Your Parents Told You Not To Do

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

7 Ways To Make Money Doing Things Your Parents Told You Not To DoWhen you were growing up, the chances are that there were a number of things that you liked to do that your parents weren’t so fond of. For example, many kids are constantly told by their parents to, “Stop playing video games and go outside to get some fresh air!”

The funny thing is that many of these activities that parents tell their kids not to do can become professions for their children when they grow up. Here is a look at seven ways you can make money doing things your parents told you not to do. (more…)

Driving A Truck For A Living?

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

When we think of ways to earn a good living, we usually think of the easier jobs first. It is human nature to be a little lazy at times and look for the easy option. Driving a truck does not exactly fall into the ‘easy’ category. But it can be an extremely rewarding and satisfying career choice.

If you had ever thought about this particular profession and would like to read some more, please enjoy this article. (more…)

How Electrical Courses Can Help Improve Your Marketability

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

How Electrical Courses Can Help Improve Your MarketabilityWhether you’ve been working as an electrician for several years, or are just starting out, furthering your education is an essential part of success. While on-the-job training and experience definitely counts for something, one of the best ways that you can improve your skills is by doing electrical courses and seminars. By taking advantage of opportunities for further learning, you will be able to sharpen your mental acuity, specialize in your preferred area, and accomplish many other goals for furthering your career.

In order to maintain your electrical license, you may even be required to participate in a certain number of seminars or classes. As you participate in these types of continued education, you will also be able to improve your marketability and increase your revenues. (more…)

A Career As A Linguistic Translator

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

A career as a linguistic translator has gained huge momentum and significance since the rapid increase in globalization. If an organization wants to expand globally then it’ll have to speak in the native language of the country they are targeting to build customers in. This is where a translator comes into the picture.

Be it a media campaign, publicity handouts or general information about the company; it needs to be stated in the local language of the people to be understood by them. (more…)

Reward Your Staff With No Limits

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Reward Your Staff With No Limits

Most large companies and businesses have a bonus or reward system in place. With the advancement of human resources and better understanding of the psychology involved in getting the best out of staff, businesses have discovered the power of rewards. Rewarding employees is proven to be not only good for the individual’s morale but also for the morale of the whole company. Rewards work to motivate employees, helping them to work at their best and showing them that their hard work is noticed and valued.

Research shows that employees prefer to receive prepaid cards rather than vouchers or cash. It may be the case that cash gives the appearance of being the ‘easy’ option for reward and vouchers are less easy to use and limited in where they may be used. (more…)

Is Executive Pay For Bankers Spiraling Out Of Control?

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Is Executive Pay For Bankers Spiraling Out Of Control?

With the current financial crisis pushing more people toward the breadline, talk of executives earning bonuses and contractual amounts that seem out of kilter with their job continues to create discontentment in the workplace.

Rightly so: Whether an executive is leading a profit making business or one that is making redundancies, the pay currently on offer would be out of place in times of a boom and can in no way be justified in the current economic climate. Unfortunately, all too many banks have avoided taking responsibility and shareholders have sat by idly, while conditions for the average account holders have continually decreased.

This suggests that the time is ripe for a change – and you can significantly contribute to it. (more…)

A Quick Guide To Salary Sacrificing

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Many employees have begun to get very interested in the concept of salary sacrificing. They understand that this type of setup is a great way for them to save money on their taxes, and to acquire some items that they need while they are at it.

While salary sacrificing hasn’t yet made its way to the United States, it is a pretty common practice across Australia. So the hope is that as more interest is peaked in this tax-saving concept, maybe the practice will begin to extend to other countries and the U.S. as well.

Either way, if you are one of the many people who have been interested in salary sacrificing (whether it is an available option to you right now or not), there are probably still many questions that you have left unanswered.

So to help deepen your understanding a bit, here is a quick guide to salary sacrificing. (more…)

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