Colbert’s Alpha Job Seeking and Cheating Dog

Colbert’s Alpha Job Seeking and Cheating Dog – is an Alpha Job Seeking LIAR: Unprepared references can discredit your work

The first and key reference talked glowingly about her work but then undercut her by challenging his work on a key project.

“My own CIO at my company actually disputed two facts on my resume! When one of the reference checkers called, they found out that I had given him an old version of a resume,” said Alex. “He really did not know that I handled the fix of a very large financial institution in the way I did.”

So he said that I had not participated in the IS Manhattan Based Project as it was called. He suggested that – and it ended up looking like:

“I lied on my resume without saying explicitly that I lied. To my own discredit, I never gave him a copy of my new resume, and because I was in such a rush to bail out of the company, I just did not communicate what I actually did in the last part of my tenure.”


  • Do not assume anything.
  • Closely coach and counsel your references to ensure you both agree on what will be said if someone calls.
  • Get agreement on key achievements and resume points.
  • Make sure you take time to copy the reference on your latest resume.

To see how these lessons play out, watch this video:

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