Hypothetical Job Interviews of Your Favorite Film Characters

At one point Clark Kent had to be interviewed for his reporter job at the Daily Planet. Clark aced the interview even though Perry White, the Editor-In-Chief at the Daily Planet, is known for being a hard-ass interviewer.

Some of your favorite film characters have been interviewed for various jobs in the past too.

Unfortunately some of them haven’t fared as well as Clark Kent. Here are some hypothetical job interviews from your favorite figures from pop culture.

Frodo Baggins – Lord of the Rings

The first interview would go great except for Frodo’s apparent lack of regard for traditional job interview attire and personal hygiene. We’ve all seen homeless people with better suits than Frodo’s and would it really kill him to wear a pair of shoes?

On the second interview Frodo wouldn’t stop talking about his ring and the interviewer would think he was only interested in the job for it’s financial benefits (and bling). He would not get the job.

Jeff Spicoli – Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Spicoli would get high and forget all about the interview.

When he realized he forget the interview he wouldn’t stress about it or try to call the employer. Instead he would just head to the beach with his friends and they would discuss the fact that jobs are for suckers.

Tracy Flick – Election

Tracy would show up an hour early and get to know everyone on staff. She would bring fresh baked goods for the interview panel and wow them with her sweet nature and social graces.

Tracy would do very well in the interview process and would most certainly be shortlisted for the final job. To make sure she got the job Tracy would sleep with the CEO of the company.

Unfortunately, Tracy would lose the job after getting in a verbal spat with another shortlisted interviewee. The entire confrontation would recorded by a CCTV located inside the lobby of the building.

Jules Winnfield – Pulp Fiction

Jules would start by informing the interviewers that he would be asking the questions.

He would not get the job but he would be the only person leaving that room alive.

Michael Moore – Bowling for Columbine

This interview would be a disaster from the start.

Moore would bring a film crew to document the entire interview process. He would also bring up workplace infractions and other indiscretions that have taken place at the company.

Moore would not be asked back for another interview from HR but he would show up anyway.

Pat Riley – It’s Pat

Pat is known for being an obnoxious job-hopper.

The interview would get awkward when the interviewer would ask Pat to fill out the “male/female’ portion of the interview document. The indeterminable gendered Pat would struggle for a while and then scribble an eligible letter into the box.

To avoid any workplace lawsuits involved in mistaken gender discrimination the panel would decide not to hire Pat.

Darth Vader – Star Wars

The interview staff would be nervous when Darth Vader entered the room, not realizing how intense he was from a quick perusal of his resume.

Darth Vader, like Frodo, should have made a bit more effort in his personal appearance but the interviewers don’t mention his ominous black suit.

The interview goes fine and they tell Vader he will be contacted soon. After calling some of his references, the interviewers decide to pass on Vader though. They decide that he is not a team player.

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