Smile! Tips For Landing Your Dream Job

Smile! Tips For Landing Your Dream JobSmile! Tips For Landing Your Dream Job

With the economy down like it has been for the past few years, it is becoming even more difficult to land the job that you have always wanted. It seems that for every job you are going for, there are hundreds, if not more, people who are trying to get that same job. If you have scored the interview, then you have reached an important part of the hiring process and you will really need to impress every step of the way.

From the clothes that you wear to how great your teeth look, here are some tips that you should keep in mind when you go in for the interview.

Dress For the Part

You should always come to an interview looking ready for the part. No hiring manager will even consider you if you come in wearing baggy sweatpants and a shirt that has holes in it. Rather, they are going to think that you do not want the position and will be angry that you have just wasted their time. Instead, you should come dressed to impress in a nice pair of pants and a business shirt. In addition to the clothes that you are wearing, make sure that your teeth are clean and bright, your hair brushed, and your fingernails clean.

Come Early

It is never a good idea to come late to an interview. Show the hiring manager that you really care by showing up to the interview a little bit early. This does not mean that you need to be there an hour or more before the scheduled time since this will just be annoying. Instead, show up at ten 10 to 15 minutes early to show how much you value the job and the hiring manager’s time. Leave your home with enough time to spare in case of traffic or other things that will slow you down. There is always the option of waiting at a coffee shop next door if you get there too early.


Always smile during the interview process. This helps to show the hiring manager that you are a pleasant person and that you are truly interested in the job. You may want to consider visiting with a cosmetic dentist ahead of time if you are worried that your teeth are not straight or white enough. Sometimes a winning smile is all that it takes to really impress the hiring manager with your personality.

Ask Questions

During the interview, make sure that the hiring manager is not the only one who is talking. This does not mean that you should show up and talk the whole time. Rather, the interview should be a sort of conversation with the hiring manager explaining the position and asking questions and you responding and asking questions yourself. When you have questions for the hiring manager, it shows that you have done some research and put a little thought into the interview ahead of time. They will really appreciate this extra work.


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