Strategies To Boost Morale After Layoffs

Strategies To Boost Morale After LayoffsWhen you run a business, you sometimes have do things that no business owner enjoys and laying off employees usually tops that list.  Layoffs can do serious damage to the morale of the employees that survived, so figuring out a way to damage control the morale is the mark of a good business owner.

Having a meeting that addresses the issue and putting some team building ideas to good use are just a few things you can do to get everyone back on a good level of morale.

Don’t Surprise Your Employees

No one wants to go into work one day, only to be blindsided by a pink slip at the end of it.  Of course, sometimes you may not be able to give a warning, but if you can let your workers know that they should be expecting a layoff soon, then it can help them prepare for the worst case scenario.  Give them a heads up that there are possible layoffs coming in the future and that it would be a good idea to plan accordingly.  Obviously, they will still not be happy about losing their job, but it can be a preemptive damage control tactic.

Layoffs can be a necessary evil when it comes to owning and operating a business.  If you plan ahead, however, you can limit the effect it has on the morale of your company and you can almost always look

Hold a “State of the Union” Meeting

Nobody likes meetings, but sometimes it is better than leaving everyone in the dark.  When layoffs happen, it can rattle your entire company, so people will naturally have a lot of questions that are best brought up than have them fester.  Not only is this a good time for your employees to vent their worries directly to you, it is also a good time to tell them exactly what is going on and what may be going on in the near future.

Unite Your Team

When layoffs are looming, they can have a tendency to cause tension within your team and your company; everyone starts looking less like coworkers and more like another person fighting for their job.  It is important to get everyone back working together on the same side.  Company retreats, picnics and other team building ideas are a great way to bring everyone together in order to unite each other.

Find an Excuse to Have a Party

The best way to boost morale is to take some time at work and have a little bit of fun with your workers.  Whether you decide to have some chocolate fondue for Valentine’s Day or you are all just getting together to throw someone a baby or wedding shower, setting aside usual working hours to do something other than work can really ease your workers’ minds and make them feel a little bit more comfortable with their place in the company.

Motivate Through Friendly Competition

As said previously, your team may start feeling the effects of competition after a series of layoffs.  Sometimes, it’s best to deflect this natural reaction towards a friendlier competition that you can organize.  Whether you try and get your sales team motivated with a sales contest or you organize an interoffice coat drive competition, you can get your workers focused on competition that benefits everyone.  If you have an entire sales team trying to best each other in their sales figures, it can only help them and your company.


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