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Colbert’s Alpha Job Seeking and Cheating Dog

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Colbert’s Alpha Job Seeking and Cheating Dog – is an Alpha Job Seeking LIAR: Unprepared references can discredit your work

The first and key reference talked glowingly about her work but then undercut her by challenging his work on a key project.

“My own CIO at my company actually disputed two facts on my resume! When one of the reference checkers called, they found out that I had given him an old version of a resume,” said Alex. “He really did not know that I handled the fix of a very large financial institution in the way I did.”

So he said that I had not participated in the IS Manhattan Based Project as it was called. He suggested that – and it ended up looking like: (more…)

Simple Steps to Quality References

Thursday, March 26th, 2009
Simple Steps to Quality References

How to Prepare Your References.

A quick how-to if you will about references:

As a foundation to your overall reference plan, get written references. As an option, you can offer to write the recommendation as long as they agree with the information and essentially sign off on the reference letter. By doing this, you have a proactive way to combat a reference who is less than prepared, distracted or unenthusiastic on the phone.

Remember to get permission from your former human resources department to provide you with your employment evaluations. In fact, you can – and probably should – find out exactly what your current and former employer’s reference policy is. Written information can be a powerful testimonial and may negate more lengthy phone calls to your current references.

Also, ask your reference how they would like to be contacted – at home, by cell or by e-mail.

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