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Working From Home – Here are the Great Ideas

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

If you love the idea of going to work in your pajamas, here is some good news for you: working from home is more common now than it has ever been before. This is partly because there are lots of different companies that are figuring out how to allow their employees to telecommute. It’s also because every day more options become available for people who want to start and run their own home-based businesses.

If you know that you definitely want to work from home (at least part of the time), you need to search for positions that allow you some room for independence. If your job is highly structured and requires a lot of team work and supervision, you might not be able to do it from home as video conferencing can only go so far. Sales and marketing jobs, writing and design jobs and even quite a few data entry/analysis jobs are all far better suited to the part or full time telecommuter. (more…)

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