Top Job Industries For Foreigners In Brazil

Top Job Industries For Foreigners In BrazilBrazil is recognized for their growing economy and hungry consumer market. As more and more Brazilians move out of the lower class, their consumption fueled a new era for Brazil. This is indicative of the fact that everyone from Americans to Europeans from Portugal and Spain are traveling to the big cities in Brazil to find a competitive salary and vibrant community. In fact, in 2011, the number of foreign workers in Brazil jumped to over 1.5 million, an incredible 57% increase.

Among all of the industries, the industrial sector and white collar sector are seeing the largest increases in job growth.


Many Americans are familiar with the effect a strong or weak economy has on its construction industries. When the housing bubble popped, many workers were put out of a job. Though the Great Recession is behind us, Brazil’s underdeveloped infrastructure is getting the attention it needs. It’s healthy economy means the construction industry (and all other accompanying sectors) are booming. Sao Paulo alone is home to more than 20 million people, an urban sprawl that is struggling to keep up with the recent influx of workers. On top of that, the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics are on the horizon, which requires a huge amount of additional infrastructure and a steady workforce on all levels to implement it. Residential construction is projected to grow 8.7% per year between 2011-2020, in addition to increasing salaries for construction managers. Ancillary sectors like commercial engineering, projected to grow 7.7% per year until 2020, and geologists, are facing a similar future as well.

Petroleum and Biofuel

Brazil is going through an oil boom off of their shores after recently discovering billions of barrels worth of oil, which means they need a great deal of engineers, and fast.This means that engineers, geologists, and other associated professionals are highly desired. The petroleum and gas industry alone is expected to grow 15.9% each year until 2020, a massive increase.  As consumption of all kinds grows in South America’s largest country, the government needs to keep up. brazil is also known for its preference for ethanol over gasoline for cars, meaning that lots of workers are needed in the biofuel industry in the central part of the country.

Multinational Organizations

Foreign, skilled professionals that have a formal education and a good deal of experience will quickly be able to find work in Brazil working for a multinational company, of which there are many in Brazil’s capital cities. Everyone from engineers to bankers are finding work for Brazilian branches of companies with international offices. The reason why there are so many of these types of jobs available to foreigners is that there simply aren’t very many Brazilians who have that sort of background yet. Note the use of the word yet – while Brazil is playing catch up, there will soon be many educated Brazilians to fill in the blanks at these companies in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Emily Kaltman writes for Estancia Churrascaria in Austin, Texas. She enjoys writing about Brazil.

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