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Video Resumes

An exciting new feature of the interviewing process is "Video Resumes". This format provides you the opportunity to include a video to post on your site. The video provides a fuller perspective of the candidate for hiring managers.

Here are some tips, tricks, and rules to follow:

  • Be standing when you are being taped.

    A prospective employer wants to "size you up". That can't happen when you are sitting down.

  • Avoid excessive use of hand gestures.

    You want a prospective employer to focus on what you are saying, and your presentation style. Nervous hand gestures are distracting, and convey a sense of awkwardness. Emphasis should be on what, and how, you are delivering your message, not on what your hands are trying to say.

  • Have a solid background.

    Black, white, or blue are the best colors. They are fairly neutral and will emphasis your attire. There should be nothing on the background that will detract from you or compete for your presence.

  • Wear your best suit.

    Be certain your colors don't clash, especially with the background. Your clothes should be neatly pressed. Avoid wearing obnoxious accessories. This includes fancy cufflinks, dangling earrings, necklaces, and watches. Remember: You want the emphasis on you, not the props.

  • Produce a "script", and follow it.

    Write and rewrite the script, then read and reread it. Have a friend critique your presentation. Practice your presentation in front of the camera. Record yourself a few times and arrive at a version that you are satisfied with. Show it to a few friends. When you are satisfied, tape the presentation. Relax. Stand Straight. Keep your eyes on the camera. Speak as if the viewer were just a few feet away. You want the viewer to get a good sense of what you are about. This will be your first impression: make it good.

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